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Gourmet Tapas

What are the gourmet tapas?

Tapa Gourmet, is a type of Tapa of a high quality, for using the best ingredients for the elaborate product as well as the presentation and creativity.

For the preparation of our tapas, main dishes and desserts that come our of our kitchen, we use products that are very carefully selected for their quality. The best red tuna, quality beef and lamb from the pyrenees, fresh fruit and vegetables from local farmers, international cheese, etc…As providers and distributers of high quality products as Beluga caviar “Kaviari”, Salmon “Ben fumat” and French Foie we use many of the products we sell in preparing high quality tapas. Putting all these together is what makes our Tapas and small dishes be a unique and exquisite experience.

We all know that the cuisine is enjoyed in every way, so we take care of all the details, the flavors marinating the dishes with the best wines, good ambiance music and the best views of the Marina Port of Tarraco.


Come and enjoy this experience every weekend Friday evening, Saturday all day ( dinner only with reservations on-line and sunday lunch.

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Double chocolate chip cookies

First things first , cookies appear to have their origins in 7th century AD Persia, shortly after the use of sugar became relatively common in the region. They spread to europe through the Muslim conquest of Spain…The Dutch word ¨koekje¨was Anglicized to ¨cookie¨or cooky. Like many things in life the cookie was invented by accident . Small batches of cake batter was used as testers for the heat of the oven and presto light bulbs start shining and there you have it , the humble cookie. The chocolate chip cookie was invented by Ruth Graves Wakefield. She owned the Toll House Inn , in Whitman, Massachusetts, a very popular restaurant that featured home cooking in the 1930s. They are now consumed in 95.2% of households in America and we chow back 2 billion a year or about 300 per person annually.

One of my favorite things to do on sunday mornings is bake and cookies are so simple that you can do it when your still sufferring from your Saturday night out. I enjoy all cookies but my favorite is , without a doubt, my double chocolate chunk which are filled with an obscene amount of yummy chocolate. This is a recipe I created when I was living in Reunion(small french island in the indian ocean)and I did this for self preservation as much as overwhelming cravings for anything sweet. I worked on these cookies for two weeks until I finally arrived at what I think are top ten chocolate chip cookie of all time . Initially I wanted these cookies to see me through the time spent after the cyclones would batter the island and we would be left with no electricity or water , we would feed ourselves on cookies , smoked meats beer and rum , not the most responsible of diets but boy it did the trick . Funny thing is , I love baking but other than cookies I don`t really indulge in cakes , pies etc…. BUT COOKIES , they`re my cryptonite , they`re the reason i´m on the treadmill every day , well them and red twizzlers. Historically i´ve never been known for a great deal of self control but as I get older i´m beginning , just beginning , to appreciate the importance of it all so I try to limit myself to just weekends of self indulgence. When ever I have friends by for dinner or just to talk I always serve cookies with coffee and they tend to always ask for the recipe so today I have decided that it´s time to share because anything in life that brings a smile should be shared

Come and learn how to prepare my DOUBLE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES at our cookies workshop.

Enjoy and hope to see you soon

Chef Clive

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Hello everyone!

It´s been a pretty exciting couple of years since arriving in Spain, oops sorry, Catalonia, Tarragona to be precise. For the better part of my life I have been traveling and working in some of the finest food establishments and vibrant cities the world has to offer. I could only of dreamt of such a life especially growing up in rural Canada.

Venturing into the food industry at the age of 16 was not a chosen path as much as a path that was chosen for me but one that I fully embraced after leaving home and having my eyes opened for the first time in my life. My most memorable period came while living in London during what can only be described as a revolution, an awakening of sorts to a foody paradise. This food inspired revolution placed London amongst the culinary epicenters of the world. An explosion of tastes, spices, and gendres had a profund influence on the chef I am today. Granted the majority of my culinary travels were initiated due to romantic influences, for me at least, I wouldn´t have changed one single thing.This brings me back to Tarragona.

I initially arrived here as a chef of a private yacht and while waiting to embark on a world tour I met someone, fell in love, and voila!Here I am Tarragona and here I am to stay. Upon deciding my future lie here I wasn’t sure what that future, professionally that is, may be. I speak English and French and although I can understand some Spanish I have what can only be described as a 2 year olds ability in regards to speaking the language. To make this even more problematic the majority speak Catalan which I have no understanding of. In spite of this, and as the old saying goes ïf it doesn’t kill you it will make you stronger¨ I will be opening a provisioning company for the yachts, jets and villas thoughout spain, a design center for home and boat and will be including cullinary workshops where hopefully I can share my experience and skill to showcase different styles of cooking I have learned along my travels . I am presently learning the language so when I put on these workshops for spanish speakers I will have a trusted translater beside my side , and will also be offerring weekly workshops in english as a pedagogical experience. Learning different culinary styles and practising your spoken english over a glass of wine , sounds cool no?!?

My partner in this venture is one who shares my passion for all things food and drink and yet he also speaks only two languages Spanish and Catalan which will encourage us both to venture into a third language world. Presently we tend to communicate like deaf mimes on speed, and this must prove amusing to all around us, but hey, onwards and upwards. By the way he`ll be putting on traditional paella workshops and will be very involved with our wine tastings .

I mentioned earlier that I spoke french, I didn’t learn french in Canada I learnt all my french and some creole in Paris, on the Cote du Zur, and the beautiful island of Reunion . I can remember telling my french teacher at High School that I had no need to learn the 7th most influential language and everyone speaks English anyways, she just smiled, she must have thought I was an idiot and what I`ve learned is I probably was. Living in France moulded my view on wine and I disregarded all other wines other than what at the time I thought was the pinnacle of the Industry. But since exploring this region of tarragona I couldn´t have been more narrow minded if I tried. The abundance of exquisitely remarkable wines in this part of the world is breathtaking. Not only is it wines but the spoils from the sea and farm have reinvigerated my passion once again.

For foodies and want to be foodies True-Taste will be running culinary workshops , wine apreciation courses, and will organise tours and excursions of the region promoting what I think is the jewel of Spain.

I hope you will all join us , you learning english , me learning spanish and all of us enjoying life and the spoils of this beautiful region. I look forward to sharing my experience, my passion and most of all my stories of life, friendship and a neverending lust for all things foody.

See you soon

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