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Gourmet Tapas

What are the gourmet tapas?

Tapa Gourmet, is a type of Tapa of a high quality, for using the best ingredients for the elaborate product as well as the presentation and creativity.

For the preparation of our tapas, main dishes and desserts that come our of our kitchen, we use products that are very carefully selected for their quality. The best red tuna, quality beef and lamb from the pyrenees, fresh fruit and vegetables from local farmers, international cheese, etc…As providers and distributers of high quality products as Beluga caviar “Kaviari”, Salmon “Ben fumat” and French Foie we use many of the products we sell in preparing high quality tapas. Putting all these together is what makes our Tapas and small dishes be a unique and exquisite experience.

We all know that the cuisine is enjoyed in every way, so we take care of all the details, the flavors marinating the dishes with the best wines, good ambiance music and the best views of the Marina Port of Tarraco.


Come and enjoy this experience every weekend Friday evening, Saturday all day ( dinner only with reservations on-line and sunday lunch.

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