We provide excellent products and services to superyachts, residences and private jets

Meats and charcuterie

From certified Japanese Wagyu to Dry Aged Grass Fed Angus, Galician Beef and whatever specific cuts you may need for your galley.

Fish and seafood

We offers a vast and top quality selection of Fresh Fish and Seafood, Oysters, Lobster, Smoked Fish to the best Caviar on the market.

High-quality fresh produce

The very best Fruit and Veg direct from the market each delivery. We ensure you receive the highest and freshest quality available.

Top-quality cheese and dairy

A vast array of spectacular cheeses, from famous large producers to small farms of France, Italy, the U.K. and Spain.

Fresh bread and baking

We work with local Bakers to provide us with fresh breads and pastries. From Brioche to sourdough, white, brown and wholemeal breads.

Herbs and spices

Our huge range of spices allows you to present your guests with authentic dishes from every form of cuisine.

Wines and beverages

We supply the finest wines, Premium Cavas and Champagne, fine Cognac and any spirit, teas, coffees and non-alcoholic drinks.

Basics and dry goods

We know how particular and specific chefs can be about these items so we offer a huge range to satisfy any need.

Truffles and mushrooms

We offers a wide selection of high-quality mushrooms and the most appreciated truffles for yachts all over the world.

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